Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Not Yet

At church our kids learn a song called "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam". Simple and sweet, the song's message is that we can all reflect the light of Christ to those around us. The grown-ups like the meaning behind the song. The kids like the time-honored tradition that says they get to jump out of their seats everytime they sing the word "Beam". It goes like this:

Jesus wants me for a sun-

BEAM! (manic jumping here)

When AJ was two she loved this song, but she loved jumping more. She could never wait for the beam. She jumped for every word. At home this was fine - jump away pumpkin. But at church I would try to restrain her to wait for the appropriate time. Usually it would involve me putting my arms around her in a gentle hold.

"Jesus (not yet) wants (no, wait) me for (don't jump) a sun (hang on sweetie) beam (Now! Jump!)"

AJ is a lot like me. Every thought that comes into my mind, I want to jump in right away and with full force. Sometimes, though, many times actually, I get the feeling that I'm being restrained. Or, sometimes things just don't seem to be falling into place for me the way I imagine they should. Do you ever have those conversations in your head?

"Jesus, I'd like to be a mother."
"Not yet."

Or "It's time for me to be married."
"Not yet."

Or how about, "Lord, I think it's time for this trial to be over."
"Hang on, sweetie."

Wait on Him. Jesus wants us always, but wait for the beam, that push from the Spirit that says, "Now. Jump. I've got my arms around you."


Annetastic said...

I love your blog and am contemplating staring one of my own. If you're not 23, I'm not 45, but what the heck. You are as articulate on line as you are in person. I'm not-so-secretly happy you're not moving! Anne

Anonymous said...

Lecia - hello from your little bro! Connie told me you started a blog so i had to stop by and say hey. I like your posts and i'm excited to hear more about this book! Let me proof read it, i'll give you a guys perpective! haha love ya!

Connie said...

what a great message and thought for the day! I love your writing, I'm looking forward to reading more posts

Signe said...

Lecia-Excellent parable! I have always had favorable opinions of your writing so I think you will be successful!

Tricia said...

I was laughing reading the beginning of this, I could see it happening and then out of nowhere, it became a misty moment. You, AJ, and I have a lot in common:)