Sunday, January 30, 2011


Grammy and Aunt Kristin came over to visit the other day, and the girls and I noticed that they arrived in separate cars.

"I wonder why they drove separately," I said.

"Well," replied AJ, "maybe one of them stinks."

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thank You, Connie

Thank you, Connie, for the beautiful photos of Alyza. I don't post photos here very often, but here is just a sample of the beautiful work Connie did for me:

I'm going to miss you and your family when you move :(

Friday, January 21, 2011

Organize Thyself

I went to a class on organizing and cleaning at church last night.

I came away with 1 observation and 2 tips:

Observation: Most of the tips people gave for organizing their kitchen began with "I got an insert handy organizational thing here for my pantry."   Note to self: buy house with pantry

A tip I will use: dry dishcloths outside in the sun after using them and they won't get stinky (I hope. Stinky dishcloths are the bane of my existence)

A tip I will not use: clean your toilet brushes in the dishwasher. Um...disgusting.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Old Home Movies

I've been watching some old home movies lately, trying to label them and, you know, be organized. Here are some things I've noticed:

* I wore the same shirt to my son's 8th and 12th birthday parties.

* Short hair is not for me.

* When taping children's sports activities, it's advisable to tape a few moments here and there, rather than the whole, long, entire game. Also, having a steady hand is a plus in a videographer.

* Someone (who shall not be named in this post) taped over my oldest son's first moments of life with an episode of Ellen (the TV show, not the talk show. Like it matters. Either way, I'm completely bitter.).

* My house is always tidy in the videos where company is over for a birthday party, and messy in the videos where I'm just taping the kids playing, as it were, in their natural habitat.