Saturday, June 11, 2011

Integrity, for sale?

Yesterday I had the opportunity to sell my integrity for $2. Now, don't picture me in some seedy alley somewhere, or worse! It was just that Trevin had a basketball game, and I knew they would be charging $2 at the door.

Now, before I continue on, you'll have to know that I really HATE paying to get into these recreational league games. First of all, we pay a large-ish fee just so he can play in the league. Second of all, most of the rec leagues DON'T charge admission, so it really bugs me that this one does, and third of all, we like to go to the games as a family to enjoy some time together and support Trevin, and there are kind of a lot of us.

So, when this league charges admission, it messes everything up for me. Trevin had 5 games this week (yes, 5!), and there are 6 more people besides him in my family, so if you do the math, you'll see why I hate that little $2 charge so much.

And that is why only baby Alyza and I went to his games yesterday (Dad would usually Never miss, he loves those games, but Yay! he has a new job, and these were daytime games). As I strolled her giant stroller up to the entrance door, the one where they collect the admission fee, another door opened off to the side of me. This door was far away from the admission table, and led right onto the court where Trevin would be playing.

I'm ashamed at how badly I wanted to walk through that door! The only thing that saved me was remembering a story I read once that had a big impact on me, about a guy who had a chance to cheat a parking meter or something, but he said, "I would never sell my integrity for a quarter."

I decided not to sell my integrity for $2, but the fact that I really wanted to was a good reminder not to let my frugal nature get the better of what I know is right.