Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Letter to You From Heaven

Dear little one,

It seems that you are having a problem with perspective. You close each day, with its never ending list of things to do, realizing with disappointment in yourself that you don't think you spent even close to enough time loving your kids...that you made it to work and basketball practice and the grocery store and got the dishes done, but didn't spend one minute sitting on the couch snuggling and reading. And in your perceived inability to have enough of yourself to care for your few little ones, you wonder how I could care for you, amidst the many. Especially when you feel that you must be among the least - least valiant, least trustworthy, perhaps a huge disappointment so far. Your life, like your day, has not gone at all how you meant for it to go.

But that's only because the veil has clouded your eyes and you no longer have an eternal perspective of what "your life" really means. Your few years on the earth are not "your life". They are not even one day in your true life, your eternal life. But they are all you see, and so you weep. Would you like to know what I see?

I see a beautiful daughter of God, dressed in white, moving among the hosts of heaven, trying through the power of love to move the hearts of her rebellious brothers and sisters. You were so intent, even if you could just save one...I noticed you then, and I loved you for it.

I see you, still in your premortal existence, faithfully fulfilling your calling to prepare those who were leaving for their second estate. You always smiled and said, "Remember who you are!" Do you remember? Do you know, can you feel, can you accept who you are?

I see your earth-journey, and yes, I have seen your mistakes and wept with you over them. There are many who begin and end their lives with such weeping, but you are not one of them - your life is not over! Like the tide smooths out the dips and valleys made by careless feet in the sand, my Atonement has washed over your life and filled it all in - the gaping wounds, the dents, the small nicks. Now wash out the sand that remains in your eyes, and follow me, for you are mine. I have loved you from the beginning, and you are one of my masterful creations! Within you lies great compassion and desires to serve. Your spirit remembers, if your mind does not, the purposes you served for me before, and it longs once again to lift up the hands that hang down and strengthen the feeble knees. It is not too late! In fact, it is still very early, and you have a great work to perform, and I entrust that work to you, and I trust you still to do it.

Love your children, love your husband, speak words of kindness in all situations. Love is that great quality that allows you to be like me. Give it in great abundance and you will find the joy and the closeness to me and my spirit that you seek.

I love you. When you think that I am not there, it is only because, like Mary of old, you have mistaken me for something more common, like a gardener. At those times, listen for your name. I know it, like I knew Mary's, and I will speak it, and you will recognize my voice. I don't leave, I don't get distracted. I am always the stronger of the forces at work in your life, and I have protected you from many things that you are not even aware of. There is great rejoicing over you in heaven, for you are loved by many.

I will see you soon. Until then, let your soul be still and let your body be engaged in doing much good, and you will have a place with me in heaven.

your Elder brother, Jesus


Kent and Jan said...

Wow, Lecia! That is just what I needed to read today. I have been thinking a lot about who I was in the premortal life, and who I am now. I must have been stronger and better that I can imagine...and it hurts me that I choose sometimes to not be strong and good...but my life is not yet over, and there is still time to be who I need to be...and who I really am. I am so thankful that you are in my life to help lift me when my spirits are down. And you do!

Kent and Jan said...

Okay, that last comment was from Melissa...writing from my parents house...sorry!

Lecia said...

Oh man, I thought I had really gotten on your dad's good side! Have a fun Labor Day, Melissa!

Signe said...

Whew, I have to go blow my nose and wipe my eyes. You have really encapsulated the tender feelings we all hope to perceive. Good job!

Nancy said...

This is beautiful! My favorite moments were spent reading to my kids and now my grandkids. There are some amazing childrens books out there and I would rather read them than any novel.

Nancy Cutright

Kent and Jan said...

Rest assured, Lecia, that you ARE on my good side. I enjoyed reading your thoughts, too, as I always do. If only we could always see our children the way the Lord sees them, we would surely structure our lives differently, don't you think? Can you imagine the Savior talking to our children the way we often do, or hurrying on when they need Him? Thanks for sharing.