Monday, January 11, 2010

Split Endings

Well, my ward was split yesterday (meaning, the boundaries that divide LDS congregations and determine who you will attend church meetings with were changed). Actually, split is probably too enthusiastic a term. More like shaved. One little edge of our boundary was shaved off, and I happen to live in that little shaving. It's too soon to say whether that is good or bad, although right now it feels decidedly bad! It's not in me to be too melodramatic about these commonplace kinds of things, but I do have a few things to say about it.

Regrets? Sure, I have them. First, I always wanted to spend more time with the young women in our ward. I've watched them from afar and they are just one huge ray of awesomeness. I feel like I missed out, not getting to know them better. Also, my kids were sick yesterday and by staying home with them I inadvertently missed out on my last day of...everything. Blah. Plus, my 8-year-old was beyond thrilled with the new teacher she just got two weeks ago, and out of everything that comes with moving to a new ward, that is what she cried about. (Luckily, her teacher got "shaved off" with us, so there's still hope!) My oldest son also just recently got the man he admires most as one of his quorum advisors, so that's a relationship I'm sad to let go.

Anyway, all wards are good and all wards have the same gospel of Jesus Christ. But not all the time do you move into a ward that just completely wraps their arms around you and teaches you by example the definition of service. Here are some of my best memories and a few long overdue thank yous:

TL, at my house, goodies in hand, within a couple hours of the U-Haul pulling up almost six years ago. When she left I looked at J and said, "My goodness, who was that woman?!" I'm glad I know, now.

PJ, who came over and taught us how to take care of our pool, we were completely helpless.

Pretty much every single woman in the ward who babysat my two girls when J was going through some rough medical stuff.

CP, who's had the misfortune of having to listen to my deepest fears and regrets, but has always listened with love.

TJ, who brought me O magazine so I wouldn't be tempted to steal it from the doctor's office

LJ, whose calm demeanor is like a lullaby to me. NC is the same way.

SSt, for remembering about the wreath for a whole year, and then bringing me one!

KK, my number one painting cheerleader, who drove by my house and honked and hollered encouraging words every day while I was painting my house. She almost made me fall off the ladder once, but I'm not holding a grudge.

The PP Ladies, who encouraged me to write.

DW, TR  & KR for being on Christmas light duty

JG & KG, who loaned me everything under the sun from their wonderfully equipped garage, and I'm sure will continue to do so ;)

The high school seniors I taught, or, who taught me. Treat buckets rule!

My never-ending stream of completely wonderful visiting teachers, who fed me spiritually, and sometimes physically too.

SN, who taught me the importance of being consistent with my own visiting teaching.

TF, who came and picked up baby AJ at least once a week just to give J a break

Pres J, who took the time to answer a young boy's prayer.

JF and SF, for walking into Sunday School with J one day and taking me completely by surprise

My three Primary amigos, spending the last year with them has given me so many tender and wonderful memories that I can't name them all, but certainly our meeting right after J came to Sunday School was one of the best

Our primary kids for bringing me laughter and tears, but mostly for the hugs

MG, for the cake, but mostly for the note

BN, who acts like I'm the bees knees, when really the opposite is true

LT and OS, the only two ladies who came to my book exchange, and were so nice about it that I almost didn't feel like a total geek

SSc, for letting me write about her Grand Canyon adventure, that was really fun for me

CT, who called one time just because she felt like she should.

LS, for being thoughtful enough to introduce me to someone from my new ward right away yesterday

Have fun figuring out all the initials here! We've received so much service from this ward that I know I'm forgetting lots and lots, sorry about that. You've all touched my life and my kids have been so lucky to be taught by many of you. I'm going to stop now before I lose it...  Love you all!


Mormon Bachelor Pad said...
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Anne said...

I'm new in Hermosa Vista Ward so you probably don't really know me but I was in Leonora Ward for 1 year and a half and while you are only getting half of it. I can say it has some really great people and your 8 year old will love all the darling little girls in the ward. My little 8 year old was sad to leave all her darling friends. It was sad to see such a few number of families "shaved" off but we loved Leonora Ward too.

Supermom said...

.... and I prayed for my son to have a friend and Daylon moved in and changed our life. Then I will not forget when I spilled ink toner all over my floor and Jay saved the day with "remove be gone" carpet cleaners. I love Lecia when she gave me a CD to learn to forgive.

You are everything to me.....

Heather said...

I am going to miss seeing you in our ward, Lecia! It feels like you're moving away--but I'm just going to have to make it over to your house more often now! You are really an amazing person and I am so inspired by your energy and creativity. Keep on writing! Know that I love you and hope to see a lot of you--even if it's not in primary.

The Smiths said...

My heart is breaking too, but take courage from a former "shaved off" person (remember three years ago when 7 families -2 streets- came into your ward, recently Northridge Ward members?) it won't be long before you love the people in Leonora Ward. And you'll be all the more blessed for the friends who will still love you on the north and west of your house --See, you're surrounded by love! Never in my wildest dreams did I consider you a geek...and the book exchange was fun! The PP Ladies will never "shave off" anyone, so you haven't lost us. Hang in there!

Signe said...

This is one of the hardest things-especially with teenagers. Good luck with the transition! APR knows just what the boys are going through.

Lisa said...

We decided we'd come visiting teaching this week. Maybe we can come just as friends. That's allowed. I'm going to miss our visits. Thanks for your example and friendship.

Lecia said...

Please do, Lisa!