Friday, March 11, 2011

And More on Frugality...

Speaking of frugality, my kids have coined a phrase: "Curse your frugal nature, Mother!" Mostly spoken when:

* They want to go to the movies and I say let's wait until it comes out on Redbox.

* They want to go get a haircut and I say then what do we have this awesome haircutting kit for?

* I ask Trevin to make me some laundry soap and he wonders, yet again, if I have ever thought of the grocery store as a source for laundering goods.

* They want to toss tonight's veggies that nobody ate and I say no, I'll put it in some soup which nobody will eat.

* We splurge on fast food and I only buy 3 packs of fries and make everyone split one. I'm told we're the only family where everyone doesn't get their very own pack of fries. Plus, I save the ketchup packets.

But, what can I say? I spring from the loins of someone who washes and saves her disposable plates!

P.S. Other great ways to save money:

Use Groupon deals - sign up for and buy deals now for cities you plan to visit this summer on vacation.

Always go through Ebates to shop online. You'll get cash back on all your purchases at places like Staples, Old Navy, Walmart, and yes, even Groupon!

Make Swagbucks your home page for searching the web. When you search on Swagbucks, you will be randomly awarded points from time to time, and those points can be redeemed for goodies or gift cards to places like Amazon. It's amazing how fast the points add up. Right now I'm using my points to buy diapers on AmazonMom, where shipping is free and I can almost always find a 20% off coupon in those free baby magazines they keep in the doctor's office.


The Crider Clan said...

You are so smart Lecia! I'm glad I know you...and that I'm related to you! Plus, I make my kids share fries, plus...i can probably count on one hand how many times my family got fast food when I was growing up, and that includes long trips ( my mom made sandwiches in the car...ugh) tell your kids it could be worse!

Kent and Jan said...
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Kent and Jan said...

I enjoy reading your blog. Keep it up. Don't you feel sorry for Melissa 'cause she was made to eat yucky sandwiches from the ice chest. She forgot to mention the carrot and celery sticks, apples,AND homemade cookies. She has inherited a great ability to exaggerate from her dad. It always makes for a better story. We did have some good times on those trips, though. Jan