Monday, June 14, 2010


I hate delays. Particularly when I am sitting in front of the computer. If a screen doesn't pop up in the time it takes me to breathe twice, I am eye-poppingly frustrated.

That can sometimes make working remotely a little tricky. None of my software responds as quickly remotely as it does when we are face-to-icon, so to speak. One program (stop) in particular is painfully slow. I am doing nothing more complicated than garden variety data entry when I am in this program, but each time I save an entry and try to move on to the next one, the program spends a great deal of time thinking about whether it should let me move on or not. Right now it's driving me so insane that I decided to write this blog in between entries. This will give you an idea of either A) how brilliantly fast I think and type, or B) how stupendously slow the program is. (stop)

Other things I hate waiting for:
A commercial break so I can get hubby's attention. This can be a long wait if you're married to a channel-surfer!

Dinner to be done when I waited to start it until I was already starving.

Test results from (stop) a doctor.

Pimples to fade.

Of course, when the delay is my choice, the waiting is a little less difficult. For example, my cluttered closet has needed my attention for lo these many years, but I'm content to wait a little longer to tackle it, on account of not knowing what to do with all hubby's stuff that's in there too. That seems reas (stop) onable to me.

And, due to the piles of bad karma I've stored up over the years, I have a high school reunion scheduled for a day when I will be approximately 38 weeks pregnant. I think I might hold off on that, too! Nonstop "so, what have you been up to?" conversations can definitely wait.

Thanks for making my data entry go by a little (stop) faster for me. Now that I'm done posting I plan to fill the gaps between entries by eating gummy bears.


The Crider Clan said...

I hate waiting for Brad to be "On commercial" so I can talk to him too! And I had to laugh because I was supposed to go to a EAC Choir reunion on May 1st...Henry was born May 3rd! I wish I could have know!

Signe said...

slow computers and programs drive me insane! Not only when I use them, but when I get a call that a teacher doesn't like it's speed. Then, I'm supposed to magically make it speed up. I can't do that for me, let alone someone else! :)