Monday, December 14, 2009

Pancakes, anyone?

It seems to me that women generally run the activities committee in a ward. Don’t get me wrong - men are called to be on the committee too, it’s just that the women RUN the committee. The men on the committee can be spotted because they are ones wearing t-shirts that say, “I got called to the activities committee and all I got to do was set up chairs.” I’ve heard rumors, though, of a ward where the activities committee had no women on it. That’s right – all men. You’ll know if this happens in your ward because:

1. The first activity of the year will be a contest to see which teacher can finish their lesson the fastest on Super Bowl Sunday. As part of the contest, all husbands and wives must agree beforehand to drive to church separately that day. This is crucial because, let’s face it, Relief Society lessons never end early.
2. You will notice a sudden increase in pie eating contests
3. Early morning pancake breakfasts will be officially banned. In fact, anything with the words “early morning” in it will be banned.
4. The “Best Costume” award at the ward Halloween party will go to the man with dirty socks pinned to his shirt who’s going as Static Cling, rather than the sweet little ballerina from the Sunbeam class.

You’ll want to know right away if the man in your life ever gets put on the activities committee, and you will. Your first clue will be a conversation that goes something like this:

Him: Honey, I have a meeting with the activities committee in 5 minutes. Do you have any good ideas?

You: Ummm, I hadn’t really thought about it.

Him: Now, hon, I heard the bishop ask you if you would support me in my calling and you said yes. I really need your help here.

You: Well, hmmm…how about a sit down dinner for couples? You could get the youth to be the waiters, it could be really fun.

Him: I don’t think so. That wouldn’t be inclusive of the single members of our ward.

You: I guess you’re right. How about a cowboy style cookout?

Him: Not inclusive of the ward vegetarians.

You: A talent show?

Him: Not inclusive of the non-talented people in the ward. Wait, I know! We could have a pie eating contest!!

You: (sigh)


Kent and Jan said...

This sounds more like a High Priest's group party than a ward function. As my dad calls them, "sacrament meeting with pie."

Signe said...

I love it! I am all for the cowboy type dinner/activity. I would hate to be on the activities committee. I would like to see an all male committee though. It could be fun for an activity or two.

Just me said...

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